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Baruch Wolf asked:

The Gemara presents a mishna that states an isha yoledes brought up a chatas, but not an olah, and passed away. The yorshin bring up the olah. According to Shmuel, the case the Tanna refered to was ONLY when the isha had designated an animal.

My question: If she had designated the animal, wouldn't that animal be "hekdish" and thus belong to the Temple? IF so, technically the yorshin are not paying anything, since they don't own the animal. They are simply giving over what belongs to the Temple anyway.


Baruch Wolf, Baltimore, MD, USA

The Kollel replies:

Dear Baruch,

Thanks for your question. In essence your approach is correct, they are not donating anything. The Mishnah is teaching us that although the owner has died, nonetheless the Olah can be offered. This is in contrast to the opposite case, where the owner died before offering the Chatas. Although the Chatas was sanctified already, it cannot be offered since the owner has died.

If you look carefully in Rashi you will see that he was bothered by your question.

Kol tuv,

Y. Landy