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fred nebel asked:

I'd like to know the daf for the story of the king who was instructed to kill the rabbanim. His objection was that there would be nobody left to teach the Torah. His advisors told him "The Torah is in the corner, all who want to learn it, can. This convinced the king and he killed the chachamim. Also, if possible, is there any way for me to locate this type of info. Thanks for your time

fred nebel, bangor, me. usa

The Kollel replies:

You will find the Gemara in Kidushin 66a. The Gemara concludes that Yanai's last statement demonstrates that he became a denier of the Torah -- even if the Written Law would remain "in its corner for all to learn," what would become of the Oral Law without Sages?

Best wishes,

M. Kornfeld

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