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A. Finkle asked:

1) How much must the divorcing spouse pay?

2) What if the richer spouse was the wife? How much would she have to pay?

A. Finkle, Langhorne, PA

The Kollel replies:

For all practical questions regarding this topic, one should consult a competent Orthodox Beis Din.

1) One should address this question to a Beis Din that deals with divorces. This is because determining this amount is the subject of much argument among the commentaries. [This argument is explained at length in Nisuin k'Hilchasam vo. 1, pgs 300-302.]

2) The Kesuvah, which one must pay when he gives his wife a Get, has nothing to do with a wife being richer or poorer. It is a document that a groom signs upon marriage, obligating himself to pay a certain amount of money upon divorce (regardless if his wife is richer or poorer).

Again, for all practical questions, please consult a competent Orthodox Beis Din.

All the best,

Yaakov Montrose