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Abe baalness asked:

1- Are women allowed to enter another part of Beith Hamikdash other than Ezrath Nashim?

If answer "yes" the second question

2- Do they have to dress special uniform like Kohanim or can they wear ordinary clothing?

3-If women can do Shechita (slaughtering) like any other person (Zar) other than Kohen, do they need to have proper Kavanah (intention) for this step or without it will be a good Shechita?

Abe baalness, baltimore, Maryland

The Kollel replies:

Women may come into the Ezras Yisrael. As for the Azarah, no Zar may enter that far unless he has business there (Semichah, Shechitah, etc.).

Bigdei Kehunah are only for the Kohanim. A Zar needs no special clothing.

The Mishnah (Zevachim 3:1) writes that women may perform Shechitah. The same Halachos apply to the Shechitah no matter who is doing it.

D. Zupnik