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frank rabinowitz asked:

How do we Paskin on tying a bow or knot on a girl/womans dress on Shabbos. The intention is that the bow is not permanent and only for the time the girl will be wearing the dress that day. Does it matter if the wearer has in mind to unite the knot/bow before Shabbos ends or if she will wear it until after Shabbos (at which time she will untie the knot/bow)? Any difference for a double knot? Does this also apply to a double knot on mens tie shoes?

frank rabinowitz, brooklyn, USa

The Kollel replies:

The typical shoelace tie, which is often used for dresses, poses no problem for a woman who is only wearing the dress that day and plans on taking out the knot within twenty four hours.

The custom is to be stringent not to tie double knots on Shabbos at all, even for less than twenty four hours (based on Remah in the name of the Shiltei Giborim, O.C. 317:1). However, there is an argument among the Poskim whether or not (no pun intended) this stringency also applies to a the way many people double knot shoelaces, which is a knot, bow, and a tie. Though Shemiras Shabbos Kehilchasa forbids tying such a knot, 15:53, Orchos Shabbos (10:15) permits it. (It seems to me that one can rely on this leniency).

Take Care,

Yaakov Montrose