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1. Carrying out a seed 2. בין שחזר והוציאן בין שהוציאן אחר

Byron Krieger asked:

If a person carries out a seed with intent is understandable. But why, if another person completes the act, is he liable(assuming he was not asked to do so by the first person).

Byron Krieger

The Kollel replies:

Your question is apparently referring to the opinion of Rebbi Shimon ben Elazar who maintains that if someone stores away an item which is not normally stored away for use and another person comes it carries it outside, the second person is Chayav due to the first person's intent (which gave the item its significance). The first person did not begin the act with the second person completing the act. Rather, the first person gave significance to the item, and therefore when the second person carried it out (performing the entire act), he is considered to have carried out an item of significance.