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Ira Langer asked:

Hash-m tells the Satan to go to "Ben Amrom"

Question: How did Satan know to go directly to Moshe? He should have started with the oldest of the Ben Amroms, namely Aharon?

Please advise. Thank you. I. Langer

Ira Langer, Monsey, n.y.

The Kollel replies:

Even though TOSFOS (DH "Torah") explains that the Satan was distracted during Matan Torah, it would be clear to the Satan who the prime suspect would be if Hash-m referred to Ben Amram. Though Aharon was older, Moshe was the one who had taken the Jews out of Mitzrayim, led them in the Midbar, ascended Har Sinai, and acted as their Shliach to Hash-m. The Satan went to the "Ben Amram" who was the most likely to have received the Torah.

Take Care,