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Ben Sugarmen asked:

Greetings from South Florida,

Excellent work.

The Gemarah on 88-89, presents the debate between Moshe and the MALACHIM

as to why Moshe has the right to take the Torah with him back to earth.

Moshe goes through the ASERES HADIBROS, and demonstrates how each one is

not applicable for a MALACH.

(a) Any suggestions why the 3rd and 4th DIBRA are reversed.

(b) And as long as Moshe was going through all the DIBROS why did he not include the last

two which surely has no relevance for MALACHIM?

continue the great work,

Ben Sugerman

The Kollel replies:

Please forgive us for the delay in replying to your excellent questions -- it's always a great pleasure to hear from you! Hope all is well on your side of the woods, and the children are treating you properly.

(a) The text of the Gemara in the Oxford Manuscript, as well as that cited by the Dikdukei Sofrim (#7) and the Menoras ha'Me'or, indeed puts "What is written in it -- Lo Tisa" before "What is written in it -- Zachor," placing the third Dibra in its proper place, before the fourth, exactly as you pointed out.

(b) You alluded to the answer in your question. Since the last two Dibros obviously have no relevance to the Mal'achim, Moshe Rabeinu did not need to mention them. The last two Dibros mention "Rei'acha" ("your friend"), i.e. another one of you , and it is certainly not applicable for the Mal'achim to give false testimony about each other, or to covet each other's wives!


-Rabbi Kornfeld