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Boruch Kahan London asks:

Firstly Shkoyach for having answered my 2 Sheilos on Perek Bameh Madlikin

I have now started Perek Kiroh,IE Krufoh,Ketumah,Shehiyoh,Chazoroh, etc.As we know straight after the Mishnah we are immediately introduced to "kemaachal ben drusoi" Having B.H. learned Perek Yetzios Hashabbos I am familiar with it coming at the end of that Perek Daf 20a where Rashi obliges me with all the details ie who he was and more importantly his famous Shitta cooked to a third.

What I could not believe or understand why Rashi completely misses out any Pirush at all on the "headquarters" of Kemaacal Ben Drsoi and not mention any of this anywhere at all in the Sugyoh here in Kiroh.

Pashtus you can say he assumed we all remebered it from 16 blatt previously who he was and what the fraction of Bishul was therefore he felt he did not need to repeat it.I just find this so hard to believe.Surely the "Signon" of Rashi throughout Shas is at least to be Meramez to us to "Tzychen Tzu" to the first perek with a loshon of Kvar Pirashti Leayl and then the Mesoras Hashas would oblige with Shabbos 20a. and then we would refresh ourselves But here Rashi seems to be confident that we would know the Perotim that he does not say anything.I find this very strange

Any thoughts on this Heoroh

Boruch Kahan London, London,England

The Kollel replies:

1. Rashi often does not explain something which has already occurred in the same Masechta. This is especially true in our Gemara, because the Gemara cites the Beraisa of Chananya, and exactly the same Beraisa has already been cited in the same part of our Masechta. Therefore, that makes it easier to find the first reference to the Beraisa involving Chananya and once one finds this, he can look up Rashi's explanation there.

2. A few hundred years after Rashi, it seems that people were already finding it more difficult to remember Sugyos in the same Masechta, so the Masores ha'Shas helped us by telling us that Chananya is on 20a.

3. If the Sugya referred to is in a different Masechta, then Rashi more readily cites this.

4. There is a hint to this above on 3b, where Rebbi Chiya told Rav that when Rebbi (Rebbi Yehudah ha'Nasi) is learning one Masechta, one should not ask him a question in a different Masechta. This suggests that it is a lot easier to remember things from the same Masechta rather from a different one.

Kesivah v'Chasimah Tovah,

Dovid Bloom