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Mark Gotesman asks:


Seems that there may be a typo on the point-by-point outline -

3),(o),3. "A Tevul Yom (9), food (10) or vessels (11) that became Tamei through liquids"

Decree #9 was already listed in the previous point as being decree on Yadayim, so everything here should move up one number.

Mark Gotesman, United States

The Kollel replies:

In my file there is no number for a Tevul Yom, as later (the top of 14b) we are told to delete this from the list. Rather it says:

"A Tevul Yom, food (10) or vessels (11) that became Tamei through liquids."

Thank you for noticing this. We'll correct the online version.

Pesach Feldman