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Mordechai Zucker asked:

The gemarah on 5b in regard to collecting rain water Rava says that we are talking about the rain water is lying on other water in a hole.

My question is , Why does it say "Kalat" insteard of Okeir. since it is on water and that is a "hanacha for water?

Mordechai Zucker, Rockville Md

The Kollel replies:

'Oker' is a technical term which describes the beginning of the Melachah on Shabbos. An Akirah can be made in various ways, which the Amora'im sometimes refer to by their factual terminologies.

In this case, the Akirah of the water was made by 'collecting' some of the water from the top of hole where a pool of water has gathered. Rebbi Avin Amar rebbi Yochanan began by talking about 'Kibel' someone who received rain, which we amend to 'Kalat' (both begin with a 'Kuf'), so he could not have said 'Akar'. And as I explained, 'Kalat' (which is one possible way of performing an Akirah) is perfectly acceptable (perhaps even better, as it is more specific).

E. Chrysler