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Yehoshua asks:

The gemorah in Shabbos 50b brings Rav Sheshes' question regarding squashing olives on a rock on Shabbos, to sweeten them.

From Rashi and Tosfos (perhaps more clear in Tosfos) the question of the gemorah is is this ossur because you are making some sort of "tikkun" in the ochel or not

I would go as far to use the words that this is some sort of a "makeh b'patish" in the ochel (which c'yadu'ah is a discussion in the achronim if makeh b'patish is shayach by ochel or not -- my question stems from that discussion in trying to bring this gemorah as a re'ah one way or the other) In any case the gemorah immediately says that even during the week it should be ossur. However is there anyway to work out what the gemorah (itself) would hold "l'maseh" in regards to Shabbos if this is muter to do or not to the ochel and for what reason?

Thanks for all your time and efforts. Looking forward to a response to the shailo...Hatzlacha Rabba to all the members of the Kollel!

Yehoshua, Yerushalayim, Eretz Yisrael

The Kollel replies:

I can't see how this could be derived conclusively from the Gemara, as the Gemara continues to discuss a completely different question, as you mentioned.

All the best,

Yaakov Montrose