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Ikeymanso asked:


1-En Shevots Bamikdash is to the Avodah not for personal use

2- the rambam in hilchots Bet Habechera perek 8 Halacha 12- the Kesef Mishne says En Shevots ==== Lefi Shhem Zerizim/ the two are the same

re sharp question:

1- look at the Ben Yehuda(rav yosef chayim) in Masekot Avoda Zara daf 17-who sites a certain custom and the reason we kiss gedolim on the hands is simialr here to put the Gevora with the Chesed- hope you can explain this further as it has kabbalistic words and i not a mekubal as there was once a person who said he was a mekubal and came to the shule of the Tur- so the Tur asked him to daven and the mekubal said i am not a chazen but the tur insisted so he davened -- after he finished davening they asked him why did you make the mekubal to daven ? he said i do not kabbalh all i know is a gemara in berachots that says Em

Shgura Tefiloto Befe Yodah Ani Shewho ""Mekubakl "

The Kollel replies:

Thank you for your insights. As far as the Ben Yehoyada in Avodah Zarah, we, too, are not Mekubalim and cannot offer you a deeper explanation of his words. We often find discussion of putting Gevurah with Chesed, or Din with Rachamim (for example, by wrapping with the right hand (which symbolizes Rachamim) the Tefilin straps around the left arm (which symbolizes Din), we demonstrate our desire that Hash-m conquer his Midas ha'Din with his Midas ha'Rachamim, as was the Tefilah of Rebbi Yishmael ben Elisha (Berachos 7a). Gevurah is representative of Din, and Chesed is related to Rachamim, and this perhaps is what he means by the custom to kiss Gedolim on the hands (kissing is a sign of giving (Chesed) and the hands - Gevurah).

All the best,