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Q. Reese asked:

The Gemara discusses whether or not one may collect in court a loan given on "Yom Tov", and brings in the concept of Simchas "Yom Tov".

Does the same Halachah apply on Shabbos, for Simchas Shabbos? And if it does, then:

1. Is there indeed a concept of "Simchas Shabbos?"

2. Why did the Gemara mention specifically "Yom Tov"?


Q. Reese, Atlanta, Georgia

The Kollel replies:

Dear Q

The Mishna Brura 525:3 mentions that the same Halacha applies to Shabbos. However, the Chasam Sofer on the daf learns that this only applies to Yomtov. Also, the Rambam only mentions Yomtov .

Everyone agrees that the mitzva of V'Samachta B'Chagecha only applies to Yomtov. However, on Shabbos we find the concept of "Oneg" Shabbos (Yeshaya 58:13). The Rambam (Shabbos 30:7) explains this to mean preparing good food and drink (Also see Shabbos 5:1 about lighting Shabbos candles). This Din may be only d'Rabanan, depending how one understands the Rambam.

In the course of the Gemara, Shabbos is compared to Yomtov. Perhaps the original Machlokes of Rabba and Rav Yosef was concerning Yomtov, but does not exclude Shabbos.

All the best

Reuven Weiner.