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Shmuel Globus asked:

On ammud bet, it says:

He (Rav Sharvaya) said to him (Ravina): Do you permit her to marry without chalitzah just because she is betrothed to a kohen? If so, may it be Hash-m's will that you permit people to eat forbidden fat!

What is the meaning of this strange "blessing", i.e. how could Rav Sharvaya say such a thing?

Shmuel Globus, Jerusalem, Israel

The Kollel replies:

The Maharsham has an interesting commentary on this Gemara, which was apparently inspired by your question.

He explains that there is an argument in Chulin (75a) regarding the Halachic status of the Cheilev (forbidden fat) of a miscarried animal. If someone eats the Cheilev part of the miscarried animal, is it like eating regular Cheilev (which is punished by Kares) or not? Rebbi Yochanan says that the prohibition of Cheilev still applies, while Reish Lakish says it does not. Rava in Chulin (77a) Paskens like Rebbi Yochanan.

Rav Shravya, the Maharsham explains, was commenting on Rava's newly lenient approach in our Gemara's case of a human Neifel. Rav Shravya commented that if Rava is prone to retract his opinion in a lenient fashion, let it be Hash-m's will that Rava will also retract his ruling that the Halachah is like Rebbi Yochanan in Chulin (75a) and permit the "forbidden fat" of a miscarried animal.

Kol Tuv,

Yaakov Montrose