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Q. Reese asked:

The Gemara asks that if it is permitted to grind cumin on Yom Tov, since it can be used for food, it should also be permitted to mix oil and wine on Shabbos, since it can be used for a Choleh she'Ein Bo Sakanah.

Why does the Gemara predicate its question on the fact that a Beraisa permits grinding cumin on Yom Tov? It should be permitted to mix wine and oil for the Milah since a baby after the Milah actually is a Choleh she'Ein (or even she'Yesh) Bo Sakanah! This should be presented as a question on the Mishnah regardless of the Beraisa about mixing cumen on Yom Tov!

Q. Reese, Atlanta, Georgia

The Kollel replies:

Why do you not query the opening words of the Beraisa "Things that one may not do on Shabbos, are permitted on Yom Tov?" Since a baby after the Milah is a Choleh she'Ein Bo (or even a Choleh she'Yesh Bo) Sakanah, why is it not automatically permitted?

The answer is because they are dispensable, and any unnecessary Melachah is forbidden. Hence, the Mishnah permits only applying wine separately and oil separately (at least, so we initially think). Indeed, were it not for this Beraisa, where R. Meir (who is the author of our S'tam Mishnah) explains otherwise, this is what the Mishnah would mean.

Hence, Abaye asks why, according to R. Meir, do we not permit mixing them. R. Yosef answered that indeed we do, to the extent that R. Meir specifically permits it for a Choleh she'Ein Bo Sakanah, and that is precisely what the Mishnah means.

Wishing you and yours that you should be inscribed in the Book of Good Life.

Kol Tuv

Eliezer Chrysler.

Q. Reese responds:

I don't understand the answer. My question was why the Gemara based its question on the Beraisa (which doesn't mention Rebbi Meir) that discusses cumin. You explained why the Gemara bases its question on the following Beraisa, which includes a statement of Rebbi Meir.

It did not seem to me that the question was based on the Beraisa about Rebbi Meir, and I do not see how your words address the question that I asked.

Please clarify.

Thank you,

Q. Reese

The Kollel replies:

Good question!

Bear in mind however, that when one prepared the various cures for the baby, he is not yet a Choleh. Consequently, one needs to come on to the fact that, at the time of preparation, it is fit for a Choleh she'Ein Bo Sakanah, and that is why it ought to be permitted, just like it is permitted to grind cumin for that reason.

May you and yours be inscribed in the Book of Good Life.

Kol Tuv

Eliezer Chrysler