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Brian Cox asked:

Dear Rabbi,

During my visit to Beth Jacob of Atlanta, GA, I spoke with R. Illan Feldman; I was interested in doing some research in his library. The subject? 'a Jewish farmer, perhaps, is to purchase a 'field of vegetables in Syria'. The R. did not knoe anything of the sort. Perhaps you, a man of the Chumash, could shed some light on this concept... what does it mean?

All the best,

Brian Cox


The Kollel replies:

Please excuse the delay; we missed your letter.

I am not sure to what you are referring. The Talmud (Gitin 8b) discusses the Halachic status of a field that is purchased in Syria. The word Syria, in this context, refers to an area near Syria which had a Halachic status similar to that of Israel, for certain reasons.

You can find information on this in our Outlines, Review Answers, and Background to Gitin 8b, see

Best wishes,

-Mordecai Kornfeld