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Murray asked:

1- The Gemara says that Elysia the prophet created a miracle and created the bears to kill the fourty two young lads who cursed him. At the time, these young lads were supporting the city of Jericho by importing water due to the waters of Jericho being cursed. When Elysia cured the waters of their malady, he took away their livelihood as the people of the city could now be supported from the waters again without having to import water. Therefore, why isn't his a case of Hasagat Gevul and there fore it is understandable why they cursed Elysia? What were these lads punished for this cursing incident?

2- My second question is about all of the incidents of "Misherabu"-the gemara indicating that when certain people and things increased, then certain levels of Torah observance decreased. Did all of these incidents happen at the same time? If not, when did they occur?

The Kollel replies:

(In no specific order:)

1. Being the victim of Hasagas Gevul does not permit you to curse the perpetrator

2. There is no Hasagas Gevul when the damage is indirect

3. There is no Hasagas G'vul when the new vendor is offering improved products or services to the old vendor, or better prices.

4. Seemingly, there is no Hasagas Gevul where the alleged Masig is reaping no gain. Hasagas Gevul is like "Lo Sigzol" -- if it doesn't end up by the Gazlan it is not Gezeilah.

Although the Gemara does not specify a date, it is clear from the context that these things happened in the years leading up to and immediately succeeding Churban Bayis Sheni.

Dov Zupnik