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ben zion oster asked:

Is there any explanation why reb yirmiya was matrid raboisav and about the fact that the rabonon threw him out of the bais hamedrash and then they brought him back like in bava basra. are threr any seforim who explain this?

thank you

ben zion oster, monsey new york

The Kollel replies:

The Aruch la'Ner in Nidah (31a) explains that Rav Yirmiya had an understanding that one was allowed to be lighthearted in learning. This didn't mean that one should crack meaningless jokes, but rather that one could ask funny questions that would seemingly never happen in order to further clarify the logic of the Sugya. This was not a common approach, and definitely the opposite of Rebbi Zeira (who the Gemara in Nidah ibid. states that Rav Yirmiya (unsuccessfully) tried to make him laugh). Rav Yirmiya held that this was a fulfillment of "Ivdu Es Hash-m b'Simchah," that one could be lighthearted in Torah learning. They brought him back into the Beis Medrash, the Rashbam states in Bava Basra (165b, DH "Al Da"), because he answered a question that was sent to him appropriately. [See also Maharatz Chayos on Nidah ibid. who discusses Rav Yirmiya. This understanding of Rav Yirmiya is clearly apparent from other Gemaros in Shas as well, i.e. Berachos 30b.]

All the best,

Yaakov Montrose