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David asked:

normally a brother isnt forced to do yibum, so what did we change ? gem. says that by an acher he's not forced neither is a brother !!

David, israel

The Kollel replies:

Dear David, Nero Yair

If you find it more comfortable, please feel free to write your questions in Hebrew or Yiddish.

Rav Yosef in the second Lashon writes that we learn that the Sotah cannot be Misyavemes from the fact that it is impossible that the Torah would tell a person to marry an adulteress who will ruin his home. On this, the Gemara asks that, if so, how do we allow anyone to marry the adulteress (i.e. Mr. "Acher")? To this the Gemara replies that we do not force the Acher to marry her, it his own choice. However, we figuratively "force" the Yavam to be Meyavem, for we tell him that the Ikar Mitzvah is Yibum. Therefore, there can be no Mitzvah of Yibum for a Sotah, for that would be tantamount to forcing him to marry the adulteress.

D. Zupnik