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Smuel Weisfeld asked:

is it an issur deraita to eat tummei bread? if so than it would be assur to eat any bread that one had not baked him self since it would have a hashash that it is allready tummei (safek issur doraitha de'chumra) especially in commercialy prodced bread. if it is a derabbanan not to eat tummei bread, and since commercially produced bread has certainly been made tummei on what principle to we still apply the injunction of washing and drying our hands before we eat the bread. if the injunction is only a derabbanan then issur de rabbanan de culah should apply and we need not to wash our hands at all! (fantastic web site, its keeping my soul allive. thanks and HaShem should bless you all)

Smuel Weisfeld, Isreal

The Kollel replies:

There is no Isur to eat Tamei bread. There is an Isur d'Oraisa to eat Terumah that is Tamei. The Takanah of Netilas Yadayim for Chulin is due to "Serach" Terumah, a type of Gezeirah because of Terumah.

D. Zupnik

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