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1. Zechus Toleh 2. A Sotah whose husband dies

Yosey Goldstein asked:

(a) The gemmorah in Sota tells us that when A kohain's wife drinks the Sota Water She is now Permitted to her husband. The Gemmorah asks, Peshita, Of course, why else would she go thru the Sota Ritual? Rav Huna Answers "Bemisnavneh" when she "deteriorates". If she is Deteriorating then the Water DID show that she was unfaithful, so why is she permitted? The Gemmorah Answer that she is not Deteriorating the way the water usually kills the Sota, rather her limbs are deteriorating, I would think that the she really had relations with another However she did not die because she did not consent rather she was raped. Therefore Since she is prohibited to her husband who is a Kohain when she is raped I would think that she is prohibited, KO MASHMA LON. That is why the Mishna tells us that she is Muttar.

So now What is the result of this Gemmorah? Let us say that A woman does experiance Deterioration is she prohibited from her husband in all cases? Is it ONLY in this case , where her deterioration is in the limbs, that we would THINK that there is a reason to prohibit her from her kohain husband and even so she is permitted?

(b) This question continues to Rashi in Chumash. In the Parsha of Sota he writes (BAmidbor 5 35) And the man is clean from Sin, Rashi explains that the husband is permitted to remain with this woman. What is Rashi telling us? In fact this Posuk is not specifically discussing a Kohain, rather everybody that goes thru this process. Why whould he not be permitted? (This is the same question the Gemmorah asks by a Kohain.)

Thank you for your insights.


The Kollel replies:

(a) The Rambam writes in Hilchos Sotah 3:21 that a woman who starts to deteriorate in the usual way is Asur. The Safek of the Gemara is only in the case of the wife of a Kohen: does an unusual way of deteriorating show an unusual type of Znus (i.e. Ones). The Gemara concludes that an unusual type of deterioration shows nothing at all. The woman is suffering for other reasons, not related to the Kinuy and Setirah.

(b) Rashi is merely bringing the Halachah that the woman now becomes Mutar, for until she drinks she is Asur because of the Kinuy and Setirah, and therefore the Torah must tell us that the Isur is removed.

Dov Zupnik