Elisha Yagudayev asks:

Hi, I just wanted to see if I got the right pshat in the Gemara so I wanted to run it by you.

We end off by saying that one gets malkus if he becomes tamei, drinks wine, or gets a haircut before the concluding ritusl but after the days of nezirus finished. Rashi dibbur hamaskil "Im Gileach" (15a) seems to conclude that we DO keep the drasha of "vetimei rosh nizro" to teach that one gets malkus for becoming tamei and we just EXTEND that halacha to wine and haircut through a gzeira shava using the word "yemei" by tamei (6:6) which the halacha is malkus because of the above drasha, and we connect that to the word "yemei" by wine (6:4) and by haircut (6:5) to teach that one also gets malkus for those and that is the Braisa's source for its law. Is that correct?

Thank you

Elisha Yagudayev, flushing, united states

The Kollel replies:

I do not follow where you saw in Rashi DH Im Gileach that we keep the drasha of vetimei rosh nizro. One could simply say that we learn from yemei written in connection with all 3 prohibitons of tamei, wine and haircut, that they all apply also in the days after nezirus was finished.

Shabbat Shalom

Dovid Bloom