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Jeff Ram asked:

This may not be a "bulletin board" question, but perhaps it's only my American use of the English language. I had some trouble understanding Rav Chysler's wording at the bottom of daf 7a (and onto 7b) (both question and answer sheets). When Rav Chrysler says (in question 5)(c) and question 6); "no one contends with Rebbi Akiva" does Rav Chysler mean that Rav Chisda is saying that; "no one disagrees (contends) with Rebbi Akiva"? If so, I had trouble following the words of the gemara. Doesn't Rav Chisda dismiss the sh'eila of B'rei d'Rav Yirmiyah by saying; "Les d'chash Lah L'hah" - that is; no one holds like Rebbi Akiva, (who is machmir). But if you would hold like Rebbi Akiva, this would be a problem. (the opposite of "no one contends (disagrees) with Rebbi Akiva.) So we learn that Rebbi Akiva would be machmir, even in this case. So "k'savar" that we see that Rebbi Akiva and the Rabanan do disagre whether the Lashon of "She'matana" is a Lashon of Neder.

I would appreciate your clarification.

The Kollel replies:

You are correct. Rabbi Chrysler has been using the word "contend" to mean "accept" or "take into account," so that here it means "no one accepts Rebbi Akiva...." Rabbi Chrysler said that from herein he will use the word in its conventional meaning.

All the best,

M. Kornfeld