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Joshua Bekhor asked:

I am not sure if you can answer this, but if I made an oath to abstain from doing a certain aveira for 6 months, but certain things have changed in my life whereby the action is more necessary, would this have been annuled in hatarat nedarim on Rosh Hashana? I have heard from friends that the whole thing is annuled because you cannot make an oath to not do something that is already a lo taaseh. I have also heard that it needs to be made clear to three men, and i also heard that because i may have said it verbally, there is no way to annul it. Please help?

Joshua Bekhor, San Deigo, CA

The Kollel replies:

Questions of Nedarim are very serious and need to be referred with all the exact details to a Rabbi well versed in these Halachos.

In general, we do not rely on the Hataras Nedarim of Rosh Hashanah for an oath made consciously. A Neder which is on a Mitzvah does not have Hatarah at all. It is true that an oath does not take effect if it is made directly on a prohibition; however, it may depend on the exact wording of the oath. All oaths need to be said verbally. All of this is general, and, as I said, it is imperative that you speak to a competent Rabbi who you can instruct you regarding what to do.

D. Zupnik