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Yosef asks:

How does the Gemara ask that it's shouldn't say v'Chichesh but v'Nasan. The beraisa that uses v'Chichesh learns other cases besides Ones and Mefateh?

Yosef, USA

The Kollel replies:

The point is that Rav Yosef (after he became Rosh Yeshiva following a 22-year wait; see Berachos 64a) explained that there is something unique about Ones and Mefateh in that they depend exclusively on "v'Nasan"; it is only considered a payment of Mamon (monetary compensation) when it has actually been given over. Therefore, the Gemara is asking on Rav Yosef that if the Beraisa is trying to distinguish between Ones and Mefateh on one hand and everything else on the other, then "v'Kichesh" is not the right word. Rather, "v'Nasan" would be the right word to use because "v'Nasan" is the word that shows that Ones and Mefateh are unique.

Rashi (DH Talmud Lomar v'Kichesh) explains that from the word "v'Kichesh" we see only the difference between all general fines and Mamon. To see the special difference between Ones and Mefateh and everything else we need the word "v'Nasan."

Kol Tuv,

Dovid Bloom