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Shai Gellman asked:

Who was Marta bat Baytus?

Is she by any chance related to Shmeul ben marta?

Is it possible that she is nakdimon ben gurion's daughter, see kesuvos daf 67 A and yerushalmi kesuvos 5:11

Shai Gellman, Jerusalem, Israel

The Kollel replies:

Marta bas Baisus was the wife of Rebbi Yehoshua Ben Gamla and, in addition to the Yerushalmi you mentioned, she is mentioned in Yoma 18a, Sukah 52b, Yevamos 61a.

Marta of Shmuel bar Marta was the sibling of Rebbi Chiya, although there is a difference of opinion if Marta was his brother or his sister (Shem ha'Gedolim, Teshuvos Rav Hai Gaon 12).

Dov Zupnik