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Rafi Magid asked:


(In the Outline to the Daf, the Kollel wrote:)

(Mishnah): One who vows that his wife should not taste a

type of fruit - he divorces her and pays a Kesuvah.

1. This fits well according to Rav - in the beginning

of the Mishnah, he specified a time, therefore, he

need not divorce her immediately; here, he set no

limit, so he divorces her immediately.

IT DOESNT FIT RAV - SINCE IN THE MISHNA HE DOESNT DIVORCE HER IMMEDIATELY - "R. Yehudah says, a Yisrael may keep her for 1 day"

SO, HE DOEsNT DIVORCE HER "l'altar", just 1 day after that - ISN'T IT?


(In the Outline to the Daf, the Kollel wrote:)

(Gemara) Question: What is the case of feeding him

untithed food?

1. Suggestion #1: If he knows that it is untithed - he

should not eat it!

2. Suggestion #2: If he does not know that it is

untithed - how does he know that she fed him

untithed food?

(c) Answer: She said that Ploni separated the tithes; he

asked Ploni, and found that she lied.

WHY DON'T WE BELIEVE HER? IN "isurin" SHE IS "ne'emeneth"!

The Kollel replies:

1) The Gemara was explaining the difference in the Dinim according to the Tana Kama, and according to the Tana Kama he actually divorces her l'Alter which fits with Rav.

2) The Rashba actually says (based on the Yerushalmi) that there must be two Edim contradicting her (such as Edim who say that the Chacham was not here that day, etc.). However, many other Rishonim (Re'ah, Ritva, Ran) learn that since she based her claim on him, he is believed, or at least it is enough of a Chashash to forfeit her Kesuvah.

Dov Zupnik