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shai mor asked:

My question concerns the sugya in Mesechet Ketubot which refers to the effect of four cups of wine on a woman.

It then asks why drink four cups on Passover night.

I forgot on which daf this is located. Could you please direct me.

Thank you,

Shai Mor

New York, New York

The Kollel replies:

I am not sure what you are referring to. Is it possible that the source for that question is not in the Gemara, but in the commentaries? The only place I found your question (about how a woman can be expected to drink four cups of wine if they have such a negative effect on her) is in the Ben Yehoyada, Kesuvos 65a.

The Ben Yehoyada answers that since there are breaks between the different cups of wine of Pesach, they do not have such a negative effect.

Be well, Mordecai Kornfeld