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Dov Ber Krieger asked:

Regarding a rebellious wife: Are marital relations permitted in erusin or nisuin? These are followed by a niddah with whom relations are not permitted. Why is a sick woman included in these categories? Is this not callous? We thought perhaps the gemorah was referring to a woman in such a state who said they would refuse when circumstances permitted relations. Can one be fined for an action that has not come into being?

Are public statements made regarding a rebelious husband?

The Kollel replies:

The Gemara (in the parentheses) explains that even when marital relations are prohibited, she may still be divorced without a Kesuvah (such as if she rebels during Erusin), since the husband loses his Pas b'Salo. If so, the Gemara is indeed talking about a woman who says that she will refuse to be with him ever, even when she becomes permitted to him.

Other tactics are used to coerce a rebellious husband to divorce his wife (one of which is listed in the Mishnah on 63a).

Dov Zupnik