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Avrumi Hersh asks:

43b rashi 1st middle line

Rashi says that acc to reb ami, she, (the kallah) is Mochel on the shibud from the 1st zman of the kesubah. Rash iexplains we are going in shitas reb yehuda, so what right does she have to be mochel anything, surely its her fathers right to he mochel, not hers?

Avrumi Hersh, London england

The Kollel replies:

Baruch she'Kivanta! Look in the Rosh (Siman 4) who asks along these lines. He answers that since the payment is a Takanah d'Rabanan, therefore when the collection will occur while the daughter is no longer in the father's jurisdiction, then he may not collect if she was Mochel.

I hope this helps!

Yishai Rasowsky