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Dave Pine wrote:

geamara in kesuvos round daf zayin says for sheva brachos u need 10 ppl and the chossen( groom). so u need 11 ppl. Why do u need eleven ppl???????/ everywhere else 10 is enough for everything . whats pshat here??

Please answer awaiting your reply. not easy to find a teratz, yasher koach dovid

David Pine

The Kollel replies:

The Gemara in Kesuvos 8a explains that the groom does indeed count towards the quorum of ten. It is the mourner who does not count towards the Minyan (when making a "Shurah" or reciting "Birkas Rechavah" -- a Berachah that is no longer recited today).

The reason the Avel is not included is because it is necessary for a Minyan of ten to comfort him. It is the act of comforting the mourner that is a Davar she'bi'Kedushah, and the mourner himself is obviously not one of the comforters. On the other hand, the groom is counted in the Minyan since it is the celebration of the Chasunah that is the Davar she'bi'Kedushah, and the Chasan is part of that celebration.

M. Kornfeld