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Boruch Zidell asked:

The Kollel wrote-


(a) One gives ...

1. ... a Besulah - seven days of Sheva Berachos.

2. ... an Almanah who marries a Bachur - three days.

3. ... an Almanah who marries an Almon - one day.

Kesuvos 007: Sheva Brachos for a Bochur to an Almanah<<

I think I may have spotted a slight error in the Review Questions and Answers #8a. According to my understanding of the gemara, a Bochur who weds an Almana has the full 7 days of sheva brachos. It is the requirement of Simcha that is only 3 days.

Please do let me know if my interpretation of the gemara was wrong.

Boruch Zidell, Brooklyn

The Kollel replies:

Seeing as the Takanah of 'Shakdu' refers to an Almanah, when the Gemara concludes that a Bachur has seven days for Berachah ..., a Bachur who weds an Almanah has seven days of Sheva Berachos, just as you said.

I apologize for the error. Thank you for pointing it out.

Be'Virchas Kol Tuv,

Eliezer Chrysler