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Netanel Livni asked:

I do not understand the kashya of the gemara:

"Yachol Higi'a Zman b'Echad b'Shabbos Yehei Ma'aleh Lah Mezonos?"

Why would he not be able to supply her mezonot on a sunday?? I don't understand the gemara's kashya from that mishna.

Netanel Livni, Yad Binyamin, Israel

The Kollel replies:

Since he could not possibly marry her on Sunday (since the Mishnah here would make him wait until Wednesday) he should not have to give her Mezonos until then. He only needs to give her Mezonos if a year has passed by and he still has not married her due to his own fault. In this case, it would not be his fault since he needs to wait until later that week.

Be well,

Kollel Iyun Hadaf