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Tzvi Levi Sherman asked:

Rav Ashi offers as an upshlug (on amud bais) that maybe the mishna is really talking about that the guy was the one who stopped the chupah but since in the raisha it was talking about her so the loshon continued into the saifa. If this is so, so then according to this what would be the chidush of the mishnah? We went in the side that if he was the one who stopped it that he would be obligated to support her, so isn't it then a davar pashut?

Tzvi Levi Sherman, Manalapan, USA

The Kollel replies:

Dear Tzvi,

The Mishnah referred to is in Kesuvos 57a, Nosnim l'Besulah. After Erusin, when either the husband or wife want to proceed to Chupah, the other side is given a certain amount of time - such as 12 months for a Besulah. By then, both should be ready. The Mishnah tells us that beyond this deadline he is responsible to feed her. Without the Mishnah telling me, we would only know that he should have been ready - and now the Mishnah tells me that he is responsible to actually feed her. The Gemara by us discusses if the Chupah is delayed for other reasons whether the husband is responsible to feed her or not.

All the best,

Reuven Weiner