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eliezer chaim hopkovitz asked:

to whom it may concern,

first thank you for your tireless efforts on behalf of klal yisroel. my yeshiva is learning kesuvos this zman, so my question comes right from the first daf: the very first gemarah "rav yosef amar shemuel amar r' Yehuda" mipnei ma besluas niseas on wednseday - the mishna tells us why, etc... i know tosfos comments that it is really a question of nafka minah, but i was hoping that you could outline for me other shitas rishonim, prefereably those found in the shitah mekubetzes (ramban, rivash, rebeinu yehonasan, etc.., i was suprised that it wasn't already outlined in your archives on kesuvos, as these are very hard lines to understand and could really teach people the importance of understand p'shat. as i would like to look them up inside afterwards on how to understand the pshat of these few lines, and how to read through and distinguish between there different approaches.

Thank you and shana tova,

eliezer chaim hopkovitz, staten island, ny

The Kollel replies:

Going into many opinions of the Rishonim at length is beyond the scope of this forum. Here are two opinions. The Ramban explains the question as follows. The Gemara proceeds to give two different reasons for getting married on Wednesday night: to make sure that one would go to Beis Din the next morning in case his bride was found not to be a Besulah, and that Wednesday is a more auspicious time for marriage. According to the first reason, it would seem Sunday night is just as appropriate, as he can wake up and go to Beis Din on Monday! According to the second reason, one may still technically get married on a different day. If so, one might think that the groom should give Mezonos to the girl that he pledged to marry starting from the first Sunday that his time is up. Our Mishna tells us that this is not the case. The Rashba understands the question in a similar fashion. Why not make it Sunday if could go to Beis Din on Monday? [He doesn't explicitly address the second answer.]

Hatzlacha Raba,

Yaakov Montrose