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ike sultan asked:

location:on 17b, "modeh rebbe yehoshua..." surrounded by two dots half way down the amud.

Question: How is Reuven believed at all (the mishna says that even r' yehoshua says he's believed) if Reuven never had a proper chazaka [he spent two years during shimon father's life and one during a minor's life (acc. to r' huna this isn't a proper chazaka?)]?

ike sultan, west orange, nj

The Kollel replies:

He is believed because he has a Peh she'Asar, as stated in the Mishnah (15b). Our Gemara is merely trying to ascertain the hidden novel teaching within the Mishnah, which must be the reason why the case is given with the father instead of a regular person.

All the best,

Yaakov Montrose