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Levi asked:

According to the rambam that says that "he who lives in eretz yisroel all his sins are forgiven," how can a mechalel shabbos ever be killed?!?!?!

levi, brooklyn usa

The Kollel replies:

Although one receives Mechilah with regard to Heavenly punishment, this does not absolve the person from the punishment at the hands of the court, if he is guilty of a sin that warrants such punishment. This is not so unusual; the same applies to Teshuvah. Teshuvah achieves Mechilah from Heaven, but does not exempt from punishments of Beis Din.

In addition, there is a difference between Mechilah and Kaparah (atonement). It is possible that although a person has received Mechilah he may still need to be punished in order to receive a Kaparah.

D. Zupnik