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Rovvy asked:

We learn in maseches "Yevamos" (105b), that Rabbi Yehuda HaNasi instructed Avdan to examine the girl/woman outside to determine whether she had sprouted two hairs that would render her an adult according to halacha and thus be permitted to perform chalitzah (according to Rabbi Yehuda HaNasi's initial understanding of the halacha). How is it that Avdan would be permitted to look at such an area of a girl/woman's body?

Kol tuv,


The Kollel replies:

The Meiri writes that R. Yehuda ha'Nasi did not literally instruct Avdan to examine the girl but rather to determine through someone capable of doing this, whether she had two hairs. See the Gemara in Nidah 48b which states that all women who require examination, must be examined by women. This is also Paskened in Shulchan Aruch EH 155:15, so Avdan must have appointed a woman to perform the check.


Dovid Bloom