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Rafi Magid asked:

A question. At 37b the gemara brought Admon's opinion amout a field surrounded by 4 other fields. According to chachmim, if the one will sell the fields back to the four people - that will be the same situation mentioned at the beginning paragraph f5 - rava's answer that they don't argue about it ("all bought from one") and even Admon admit in this case that they can reject him. So why Admon say that he has right to go through the field?

The Kollel replies:

Admon holds that since now the lost path is definitely by the purchaser, he has no right to withold the right from the owner of the inside field. However, when there are four separate owners, each one can rightfully demand proof that the path was in his field and therefore the "insider" gets the "runaround".

Dov Zupnik