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Elie Rosenberg asked:

Hi I would like to know what chilluk Tosfos DH umenasran is making to say the din of afilu bechadrei chadarim does not apply to the case of menasran betzena. Tosfos in Kesubos 60a say the chilluk between the clearing out the tzinor case and the drying out of the clothes case (Shabbos 146b) is that the din of chadrei chadarim only applies to a chashash melacha deoraysa. That does not seem to work out in the Moed Katan case since Tosfos in MK seem to hold melacha on chol hamoed is deoraysa (he says that on 8b in DH ain chofrin). Is there some reason the act of cutting the boards would itself would be derabanan? Is there a different chilluk Tosfos is making? I could not find any achronim who talk about this Tosfos except for the Shut Chasam Sofer 4:173 (DH avel yaish) who seems to say Tosfos is answering there is no gezaira for a melacha derabanan but I am not sure how that works out in that Tosfos. Thank you for your help, and I have been enjoying using your sheets for Moed Katan!

Elie Rosenberg , Dallas, TX

The Kollel replies:

Dear Elie

Thanks for your question. In this case, if there is no possibility of doing it b'Tzin'ah, it may be done in the open, since it is Tzorech ha'Mo'ed. Thus the Gezeirah was to prefer Tzin'ah if possible.

Kol tuv.

Y. Landy