MDeutsch asks:

As you may know I took over Dr. Goldstein zl's Megilla Iyun Shiur on Shabbos Afternoon at Wiesel's. We are now holding On Megilla 31A where it talks about Leining on 2nd days of Sukkos. The attached copy from Artscroll in Note 48 talks about 2 Chasam Sofers to answer some obvious questions on the sugya. Could you please help me in finding these Chasam Sofers. It is not in the Chasam Sofer al hashas or any other place I could think of and I asked a few people here and they didn't know either. (Kind of important as it seems this is key to the sugya)

Kol Tuv,


The Kollel replies:

Reb Moshe, wishing you much success with the new Shiur!

I think the source is probably the Chudushei Chasam Sofer (published in 1978 by the Institutue for the Manuscripts of Chasam Sofer, based in Katamon, Jerusalem). There is a separate volume only on Maseches Megilah.

There is a DH Yom Tov Acharon in the Chasam Sofer there, and also a piece in the Chasam Sofer about Tosfos DH l'Machar.

The piece in the Chasam Sofer DH Yom Tov Acharon is coming to answer the question of the Be'er Hagolah on the Shulchan Aruch (Orach Chayim 668:2) from the Gemara in Megilah 31a.

Wishing you a Gmar Chasimah Tovah,

Dovid Bloom