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Avi B asked:

There are a few opinions given on from where you have to start reading the Megila to be yotzeh. A drasha is given that each opinion holds that we have to read at least from the strengths of different people (achashverosh=we read the whole thing - from "vayehi bimei ....." haman=we have to read from where he's introduce, mordechai (from "ish yehudi", the miracle- from when achashverosh had the dream...)--- im just wondering that the main player is really esther-- would it be so bad to mention her as one of the strengths where we may start from?!! I was thinking that "Esther is introduced at about the same time as mordechai (ish yehudi) but that doesnt satisfy me and even if it did, it still doesnt explain why she couldnt have been mentioned!

Avi B, Miami, USA

The Kollel replies:

Esther's entire strength was based on her Midah of Tzeni'us ("Ein Esther Magedes," etc.). Chazal are merely following her own wishes not to be publicized more than necessary.

D. Zupnik