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Nobody asked:

In Daf 9b in the Sugya of Vatikin, Rashi explains about the Pasuk Iraucha Im HaShemesh, that a man should recite the Shema before Netz haChamah and to recite Tefilla immediately afterwards at the time of Netz haChamah. He then says that a man should begin Shema during the time of Netz haChamah. Is this not a contradiction in Rashi?

The Kollel replies:

Rashi's Lashon is definitely puzzling. However, what I think Rashi means is that one should recite the Sh'ma close to Hanetz, so that, when Hanetz arrives, he will say the Amidah with the backing of the Yir'as Shamayim from having said the Sh'ma. This also fits with the Lashon of the Gemara which talks about the Vasikin 'completing the Sh'ma with Hanetz, in order to recite the Amidah with Hanetz ha'Chamah'. Perhaps there is a printing error in Rashi, which makes Rashi unclear.

be'Virkas Kol tuv

Eliezer Chrysler.