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Aharon Levine asked:

From the gemara in Brochos 3b insinuates that Malchei Umos Haolam arise at the beginning of the third hour of the morning and Dovid Hamelech awoke at Chatzos, or 8 hours prior to these other kings. On the other hand, the gemara in Brochos 10b paskens like R' Yehoshua based on the fact that melachim arise during the third hour and we can therefore recite Krias Shema until the "end" of the third hour.

Are we to understand that Malchei Umos Haolam wake up over the period of the 3rd hour of the day, and Dovid Hamelech said that he awoke 8 hours prior to the melech who woke up earliest at the beginning of the 3rd hour of the day, while the Zman Krias Shema goes until the time the latest melech awoke which was at the end of the 3rd hour of the day?

Aharon Levine, Baltimore, Maryland US

The Kollel replies:

Yes indeed, that is precisely what we are meant to understand. David ha'Melech arose a full two Mishmaros before even the first of the kings stirred, whilst we are permitted to recite the Shema until the end of the third hour, since there are still kings getting up, in which case it is still called getting-up time.

Why do you have a problem with that?

Be'Virchas Kol Tuv

Eliezer Chrysler