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David Goldman asked:

I think the brief reference to the length of a regah on daf zayin amud alef, as one 58th thousand and 888th of an hour is something important. Can it be that Hash-m's anger is so brief, incomprehensibly so, and yet he should keep us in golus so long? Or can we say that indeed there is no more anger of Hash-m with regard to golus, only rachamim? And in fact the real anger of Hash-m is totally unknowable to any Jew!! Thus since the gemara indicates that if there were really za'am of Hash-m there wouldn't be any Jews left, this must tell us that EVEN during the Holocaust that regah if zaam did not take place??

The Kollel replies:

(a) You are correct that it is Hash-m's Rachamim is in force during our Galus. Furthermore, it was not even His anger that started the Galus. On the contrary -- it was our sins, and as a result of His not getting angry and His having mercy on us, we were spared total destruction and were sent into Galus instead. The fractional moment of Hash-m's anger is cause for destruction (G-d forbid), and not Galus.

(b) With regard to what was going on in Hash-m's mind, as it were, during the annihilation of European Jewry, we are unable to delve into the concealed plans of Hash-m.