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David Goldman asked:

I am not sure I understand the gemara's discussion of the significance of Reuven's name on daf zayin amud beis. Is the gemara saying that Leah's was POINTING OUT the difference in quality between her son and Esav regarding the bechora, and this POINTING OUT is in the quality of her son which is why his name is REU VEN (the idea of pointing out... SEE A SON..)???

Yet this mahalach is different from Rus, whose name reflects that Dovid with his praises was to come from her. Does this contrast mean anything since Reuven's name does not reflect anyone else?


The Kollel replies:

When Leah named her son Reuvain, it was a minor prophecy saying, "see the difference between my son...." The meaning of this prophecy was that Reuvain did not let his jealosy of his brother cause him to harm the brother, as opposed to Esav. Why though, did his name include the phrase " see the difference?" It should have been, "There is a difference!"

I think that the answer lies in the Midrash which says that had Reuvain known that the Torah would publicize his good intentions so openly, by saying "Reuvain heard and saved Yosef from their hands..." (Bereishit 37:21), he would have taken Yosef on his shoulders and openly defied his brothers, bringing Yosef safely home to his father. The Rashba (see Torah Temimah) learns from here that it is proper to publicize those who do good deeds (with plaques commending their actions etc.).

What we see is that the Torah told everyone, " see what Reuvain is doing, he is saving Yosef!" That is why the word "see" is included in Reuvain's name.

I hope that makes the Gemara clearer. Be well,