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Yonason Mackay asked:

Question:Why do finsih off meseches brachos with " talmidey chahamim increase shalom"? I saw the maharsha who says that a bracha creates peace bedtween man and Hash-m, are you aware of any other sources? Yasher Koach!

Yonason Mackay

The Kollel replies:

A simple solution could be because the last Mishnah in Berachos ends with the Rabbinic institution that one may greet his friend with the word "Shalom" (peace), as is learned from Es La'asos l'Hashem.

According to the Rambam (see Insights to Daf 54a), the Mishnah ends with a discussion of how Hash-m brings punishment to people. If so, the Maseches ends with Shalom in order not to have "a bad taste in the mouth," i.e., in order to end with a good thing. The same may be said of Kerisus, which also ends with the statement about Talmidei Chachamim bringing Shalom, since it discusses Kares and wants to end with a "good" statement. The same may be said of Yevamos and Nazir, which also end with the same statement. Yibum comes about through a man's childless death. Nazir ends with the statement "Perhaps Shaul will hear and will kill me." We want to end on a better note, so we end with our Drasha that learning Torah (including these Masechtos) brings peace.