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Aaron Gal asked:


Daf 58-59 has information about mazalot, the Jewish Calendar, Orion , Kima, Kesil, etc.

I really want to have some background to understand it better. Where can I find books or articles about this subject.

Be-Chavod Rav,

Aaron Gal

Aaron Gal, New Jersey, NY

The Kollel replies:

There are a number of books available on these topics, as well as numerous articles on the Internet. In addition to what is listed below see what we wrote in our Introduction to Maseches Rosh Hashanah, section (3).

1. For an overview of Jewish astrology, try Rabbi Matisyahu Glazerson's "Above the Zodiac" (available online at ).

2. For information about the Jewish Calendar, try the classic "Understanding the Jewish Calendar" by Nathan Bushwick (available online at ). In Hebrew, a nice summary of the background to the Jewish Calendar can be found in "Ki Hi Chochmaschem" by Shlomo Rosner, Avinadav 9, Jerusalem, phone: 02-582-3067.

You can also find online articles about this subject at many websites, for instance or .

3. For information about the determination of the beginning of the Jewish month (Kidush Hachodesh and Molad), try Rabbi Alexander Shutz's pamphlet, "Of the Heavens. Rabbi Shutz can be reached at Rechov Sdeh Chemed 22/13, Kiryat Sefer, Modi'in Ilit, Israel, phone: 08-974-2353.

Best wishes,

Mordecai Kornfeld