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Binyamin Roscher asks:

I am not a Talmud Chachim. As a Baal Teshuva, my learning of the Gemara is not advanced. I am on the level of using the Rabbi Art Scroll as training wheels. I was wondering if there were any commentaries on this daf in regards to the one who sees HUNA in a dream that a nase will happen for him.

What immediately popped out at me was the HEY VAV NUN ALEPH in Hebrew can also be translated as "THE 57TH" or HA una (gematria of una is 57). This 57th daf is all about dreams and I was wondering if there are any commentaries that say this HOONA word is a remez to this daf.

To restate this another way, could the daf be doing a play on gematria to say that if someone dreams of this daf, daf 57 in Brachos, he will merit a miracle to happen for him?

If you look at the daf itself, the word HUNA is in the top left of the daf. The very top left of the page is nun - zion.

Do you think codifiers of this Gemara intentionally put the word HOONA in that stop as a play on gematria or do you think it is accidental?

Binyamin Roscher, Highland Park, NJ, USA

The Kollel replies:

I believe that while all of this was not thought of by anyone in the Gemara or those printing it, it is very possibly not accidental. As you will clearly remember this Daf vividly due to the many significant details surrounding the number 57 and name Huna, it is very possible that Hash-m made these things happen so you, Binyamin Roscher of Highland Park, NJ, will remember this Daf well.

All the best,

Yaakov Montrose